Rusty Lake

Rusty Lake Paradise

By Rusty Lake 2018-04-28 - 가격 : USD 3.29 Plateform : iPhone/iPad
에일랜더 가의 장남 제이콥은 어머니가 돌아가신 뒤 파라다이스 섬으로 돌아갑니다. 어머니가 알 수 없는 죽음을 맞이한 뒤, 파라다이스 섬은 열 가지 역병으로 저주를 받은 모양입니다....

Cube Escape: The Mill

By Rusty Lake 2018-04-28 - 가격 : 무료 Plateform : iPhone/iPad
Welcome to the Rusty Lake Mill, the residence of Mr. Crow. A familiar guest will arrive soon and it ...

Cube Escape: Arles

By Rusty Lake 2018-04-28 - 가격 : 무료 Plateform : iPhone/iPad
You're trapped inside your bedroom in Arles. It feels like you're surrounded by art. Explore the roo...

Cube Escape: The Cave

By Rusty Lake 2017-04-26 - 가격 : 무료 Plateform : iPhone/iPad
한 노인이 동굴 속으로 들어가려한다. Rusty Lake 속으로 점점 더 깊이 들어가기 전에 낯익은 손님 한명이 그대의 도움을 요한다. 게임 속을 움직이기 위하여 화살표를 누르세...

Rusty Lake: Roots

By Rusty Lake 2017-01-05 - 가격 : USD 3.29 Plateform : iPhone/iPad
James Vanderboom's life drastically changes when he plants a special seed in the garden of the house...

Cube Escape: Theatre

By Rusty Lake 2016-05-10 - 가격 : 무료 Plateform : iPhone/iPad
Welcome to the theatre of your mind. Tonight we have an engaging program, featuring a familiar cast....

Cube Escape: Birthday

By Rusty Lake 2016-02-28 - 가격 : 무료 Plateform : iPhone/iPad
Welcome to your 9th birthday, winter 1939. There is cake, music and a mysterious present. However, t...

Rusty Lake Hotel

By Rusty Lake 2016-02-03 - 가격 : USD 2.19 Plateform : iPhone/iPad
Welcome our guests to the Rusty Lake Hotel and make sure they will have a pleasant stay. There will ...


By Rusty Lake 2015-09-29 - 가격 : 무료 Plateform : iPhone/iPad
Hylaria invites you to a fun and healthy mental exercise. Challenge yourself to keep improving with ...

Cube Escape: Case 23

By Rusty Lake 2015-08-20 - 가격 : 무료 Plateform : iPhone/iPad
In Cube Escape: Case 23 you need to investigate the mysterious death of a woman. Collect all the evi...

Cube Escape: Harvey's Box

By Rusty Lake 2015-07-15 - 가격 : 무료 Plateform : iPhone/iPad
It's 1969 and Harvey is trapped inside a box moving to Rusty Lake...Find out what's going on and hel...

Cube Escape: The Lake

By Rusty Lake 2015-05-20 - 가격 : 무료 Plateform : iPhone/iPad
You've found an abandoned cabin on a small Island at Rusty Lake. The only thing you can find is some...

Cube Escape: Seasons

By Rusty Lake 2015-04-27 - 가격 : 무료 Plateform : iPhone/iPad
Cube Escape is one of the most mysterious room escape game you will ever play. Try to unfold the s...

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