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California Tides & Weather

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By NesTides (Progress Technologies Inc)

Accurate, simple to use Satellite Map based California tide charts of the all NOAA based California tide stations on a simple to use satellite map. Designed by California fishermen and Professional California Fishing Guides.


Other Features:

Ability to forecast California tides from NOAA by setting date and period for any of the tidal stations for the entire State of Florida tide tables.

Excellent support for any issues, questions or new features...simply email: and we'll show you how Apple support is meant to be.

When GPS is available auto-locate your position and zoom to the map for surrounding NOAA California tide charts.

Included is the ability to zoom and view satellite imagery for fishing ground characteristics to compare with tide movement.

Advanced tide graphs allow for you to judge the level of water movement for optimal fishing between high and low tide in Florida between tide stations so you can follow the tide flow for the entire day.

Recent Feedback:
"NesTides ability to display tide predictions and actual tidal flow graphs allow me to extend fishing trips by following different tide station tide charts and moving with the tide flow. The satellite view allows me to explore and discover new fishing grounds I never knew existed. Absolutely the best fishing software tool I have ever used. ," said USCG Captain Mike K.

California tide tables, California tides, California tide charts

NOAA Tides Stations Include:
Baja California tides
San Carlos tides
Isla Guadalupe tides
Ensenada, Todos Santos Bay tides
Southern California tides
Imperial Beach tides
Point Loma tides
SAN DIEGO (Broadway) tides
National City, San Diego Bay tides
Quivira Basin, Mission Bay tides
Crown Point, Mission Bay tides
La Jolla (Scripps Institution Wharf) tides
San Clemente tides
San Pedro Channel tides
Newport Bay Entrance, Corona del Mar tides
Balboa Pier, Newport Beach tides
Santa Ana River entrance (inside) tides
Los Patos (highway bridge) tides
Long Beach
Cabrillo Beach tides
LOS ANGELES (Outer Harbor) tides
El Segundo, Santa Monica Bay tides
Santa Monica, Municipal Pier tides
Port Hueneme tides
Ventura tides
Rincon Island, Mussel Shoals tides
Santa Barbara tides
Santa Barbara Islands tides
Wilson Cove, San Clemente Island tides
Catalina Harbor, Santa Catalina Island tides
Avalon, Santa Catalina Island tides
Santa Barbara Island tides
San Nicolas Island tides
Prisoners Harbor, Santa Cruz Island tides
Bechers Bay, Santa Rosa Island tides
Cuyler Harbor, San Miguel Island tides
Outer Coast, Port San Luis tides
Point Arguello tides
San Simeon tides
Mansfield Cone tides
Carmel Cove, Carmel Bay tides
Monterey Bay tides
General Fish Company Pier tides
Moss Landing, Ocean Pier tides
Pacific Mariculture Dock tides
Elkhorn, Elkhorn Slough tides
Kirby Park, Elkhorn Slough tides
Elkhorn Slough railroad bridge tides
Santa Cruz, Monterey Bay tides
Ano Nuevo Island tides
Pillar Point Harbor, Half Moon Bay tides
Southeast Farallon Island tides
San Francisco Bar tides
Corte Madera Creek tides
Point San Quentin tides
Carquinez Strait tides
Mare Island tides
Vallejo, Mare Island Strait tides
Edgerley Island, Napa River tides
Brazos Drawbridge, Napa River tides
Napa, Napa River tides
Selby tides
Crockett tides
Benicia tides
Martinez-Amorco Pier tides
Suisun Bay tides
Suisun Slough entrance tides
Pierce Harbor, Goodyear Slough tides
Joice Island, Suisun Slough tides
Montezuma Slough Bridge tides
Bradmoor Island, Nurse Slough tides
Meins Landing, Montezuma Slough tides
Montezuma Slough tides
Point Buckler tides
Mallard Island Ferry Wharf tides
Pittsburg, New York Slough tides
San Joaquin River tides
Antioch tides
Threemile Slough entrance tides
Prisoners Point tides
Eureka tides
Eureka Slough Bridge tides
Samoa tides
Arcata Wharf tides
Mad River Slough, Arcata Bay tides
Trinidad Harbor tides
Pyramid Point, Smith River tides

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