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Cribbage Cross Check

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By Kris Bailey

Cribbage Cross Check digitally stores your cribbage tournament scorecards, while automatically performing cross checks and calculating leaderboard results.

Summary of key features:
* Created by ACC member Kris Bailey (CA06681)
* Multiple people can enter scorecards at once - enabling very fast input for large tournaments.
* Leaderboards follow standard ACC rules used for final standings and/or playoff determination.
* Database is kept on a server, so anyone can access stored results. Filter old results by ACC club # and month/year.
* Online player library stores names, ACC # and player icons.
* Color-coded cross check allows easy view of errors.
* Photo feature allows storage of digital copy of paper scorecards and tournament photos.
* Lock tournaments once completed for security (no one can alter results or scorecards).
* Custom keyboard optimized for iPad and iPhone allows for fast entry of scorecards.
* Storage of individual score cards organized by ACC club # and date.
* Supports 6-game thru 22-game tournament cards.
* Handles cross-check even for 'sit-outs' and extra games played (off the card).
* Creates 1st half and 2nd half leaderboards for 14+ game tournaments.
* Determines High Skunk and 3 or 4-game 'wraps' automatically for fun side contests.

I have been using this at our Grass Roots club, and it greatly reduces our cross checking time, while storing results from previous tournaments on your iPhone or iPad.

Great thanks to Club 79, Club 150, Ro Rocco, Obie Weeks, Paul Gregson, David Aiken, John Kern, Brenda Nason, Cy Madrone Kerry McConnell and others for help de-bugging and suggestions along the way.

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2018-01-10 | Version : 1.0 | 크기 : 42.5 MB

스크린샷 iPhone / iPod :

스크린샷 iPhone / iPod 스크린샷 iPhone / iPod 스크린샷 iPhone / iPod 스크린샷 iPhone / iPod 스크린샷 iPhone / iPod

스크린샷 iPad :

스크린샷 iPad 스크린샷 iPad 스크린샷 iPad 스크린샷 iPad 스크린샷 iPad


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