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Flying Sword 2

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By Minghai Wu

It was a mighty battle of swords and swords.

The lever controls your flying sword movement.

The lightning button allows your flying sword to release an amazing amount of energy to chop other flying swords.

The magic sword from Chinese xianxia novels and xuanhuan novels.

It can strike the enemy accurately and remotely as a missile.

It can be manned like Flyboard Air.

This is a magical Oriental superenergy system.

If you know Chinese kung fu and love Chinese kung fu, you know Wuxia.

Wuxia ( 武俠 wǔ​xiá ) - literally means "Martial Heroes". Fictional stories about regular humans who can achieve supernatural fighting ability through Chinese martial arts training and internal energy cultivation. Themes of chivalry, tragedy, revenge & romance are common.

Xianxia ( 仙侠 xiānxiá ) - literally means "Immortal Heroes". Fictional stories featuring magic, demons, ghosts, immortals, and a great deal of Chinese folklore/mythology. Protagonists (usually) attempt to cultivate to Immortality, seeking eternal life and the pinnacle of strength. Heavily inspired by Daoism.

Comparison: If Wuxia is "low fantasy", then Xianxia is "high fantasy".

Xuanhuan ( 玄幻 xuán​huàn ) - literally means "Mysterious Fantasy". A broad genre of fictional stories which remixes Chinese folklore/mythology with foreign elements & settings.

Xuanhuan and Xianxia novels may sometimes seem similar on the surface. Look for the presence of Daoist elements (the Dao, Yin and Yang, Immortals, etc...) in the novel to easily distinguish the two – if they aren't present, then the novel is probably Xuanhuan.

Flying Sword( 飞剑 fēijiàn ) - a magic sword which can fly through the air and can be directed to engage in long-range attacks. Perhaps the most iconic cultivator weapon. In some novels, cultivatorsstand atoptheir flying swords and ride them as a form of transportation.

It's a story of mortals who can become gods, and if you're interested, go to a website called wuxiaworld about these amazing Oriental novels.

Note, however, that the novel is extremely easy to addictive, they are more severe than drugs, one drug users with look at these novel quit taking drugs, but I don't know how can he quit the novels.

Anyway, novels and the game is spice of life, health, family and friends is the main melody of life, treat yourself, allow them to enrich your life rather than interfere with your life.

I hope this little game will bring you some leisure time happiness.
If it makes you feel funny, cool, comfortable, happy, eliminate worry, kmoji, it's a good game, it would be my pleasure.

We hope that you can share this free video game with your family, friends, loved ones and companions to let the happiness pass.
A team of new independent developers from the east pays tribute to you.

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