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Orange / Ramla Loyalty Program

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By Ramla Hypermarket LLC

Staying true to its commitment to raising the benchmark for customer satisfaction and customer delight and providing the best offers to its loyal consumers, Ramla Hypermarket had introduced the Orange Loyalty Program. It offers unlimited benefits and discounts on shopping in stores.

The new Ramla App offers these benefits at your fingertips, making life easier. A simple download o this app is just the beginning, what’s in store for you is much better. What’s new? Well, if you are an existing Orange card holder, you can simply enter your card number to create an account and start saving with big deals. If you don’t, you can create an account and generate your new card online. Choose the silver or orange card.

Once you have filled in all your details and created your account, you can simply view your dashboard for all information from the points you have saved, the vouchers won with validity details and promotional offers. You will not miss out on anything.

The next time you shop at Ramla Hypermarkets, you can simply scan the barcode created for your account on the app to save points and redeem vouchers. That’s simple? Right!

The location feature also enables you to find the nearest Ramla store to wherever you may be. You can also share your experience and vouchers on the social media pages listed in the app.
Come join the community and enjoy your shopping with Ramla Hypermarkets.

• Scan your Loyalty Card Barcode while shopping
• Promotional offers
• Vouchers to redeem
• Locating nearest Ramla Stores on the map and how far it is from you.

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