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Set It Up introduces a business world that creates open opportunities to connect with others. The platforms purpose is to strengthen an economy by investing locally rather than to big corporations owned outside of your country. Order food, book appointments, requests services, and many more with our flexible order processing system made for the public. Sign up and connect with businesses in your area or promote your own self-sustaining business with the business world to get connected. Step it up and download “Set It Up” today.

Our Goal: We aspire to make a significant change to the way cash flow is distributed within our economy. It is important to remind everyone that where we choose to invest our money in, whether it be buying a product or getting a service, that it benefits a common purpose. The common purpose is self-sustainability, to ease the way our lives work and help everyone enjoy an income through the potential they offer. Majority of corporations are foreign to our purpose, and small businesses suffer, when this is the case so does your economy. We hope "Set It Up" enlightens a new era for doing business and really opens up the opportunities for those seeking their independence.


CUSTOMER (FREE USER): able to order & request products or services enabling you to connect with businesses within your area. Find an unlimited variety of help for your daily life style needs provided by your own community.

BUSINESS PROFILE (SUBSCRIPTION USER): allows an organized order processing system. You display all the products and services your business offers and allow customers to connect with you and request what your offering through our application. ‘Set It Up’ is subscription based, an alternative to commission off each sale. Business profiles allows creativity & flexibility for all businesses to offer what they provide and easily connect with customers. ‘Set It Up’ looks to empower self-sustainability and local businesses.

Subscription Details: Subscriptions are set to renew for an annual period. The stated costs below are what you pay by the end of the year. Your subscription begins at the date purchased, and your App Store Account will be charged the according amount once you confirm the purchase. 24 hours before the purchased date of every month occurs the monthly fee, reflecting on your App Store Account. You may wish to manage your subscription in App Store settings to cancel at any time. Subscriptions are not a contract and may be cancelled at any time within the 12 month period it is active.

Types of Business Profile Accounts:

Basic Account ($179.88 annually, $14.99 monthly)
• Basic account subscription allows you to create up to three content pages and add three contents within each page. This is recommended for independent businesses & self-employed individuals.

Loyalty Account” ($431.88 annually, $35.99 monthly)
• Loyalty account subscription is for a limited time, an account available to our first generation of supporting businesses. This account allows you to create an unlimited amount of content pages and contents to be added within it. This account also promises future features to come. This account excludes private profile. Recommended for all businesses that offer a numerous number of products and services.

Luxury Account” ($719.88 annually, $59.99 monthly)
• Luxury account subscription includes all exclusive features in the app. This subscription offers everything from loyalty plus the exclusive feature of private profile. Recommended for businesses who wish to have limited clients and not open to the public.

Any questions you may have regarding our application or issues you experience can be attended to here:

Contact link:

Privacy Policy:

Terms & Conditions:

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