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USD 5.49

Surgeon Simulator

By Bossa Studios Ltd
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릴리스 노트

2017-04-12 | Version : 1.5 | 크기 : 490.6 MB
Hey there surgeons!

You asked and we delivered! With this new update, we wanted to focus on the online multiplayer features of the game and make sure to deliver the best experience possible.

- We improved the way matchmaking works. You can now find more matches (no no, not the dating website match!).

Much love,
Bossa xoxoxox

2017-01-20 | Version : 1.4 | 크기 : 490.6 MB
Hey there surgeons!

In this update, we’ve made a few minor changes to the game to make it less buggy, more stable, and much more reliable.

- Updated screenshots
- Recording and sharing video is no longer supported - the video program we used for this made a number of changes to their software that meant it wouldn’t work with our game, so rather than annoying you with bugs, we switched it off.
- There was an Issue where a screen pop-up displayed when it shouldn't when you booted up the game. That won’t happen any more. Good!

The Surgeon Simulator Team

2016-04-01 | Version : 1.3 | 크기 : 286.1 MB
Hello folks! We’ve made an update to make your operations that little bit better and hopefully make Bob a bit more comfortable.

In this latest update we have:
Fixed the ‘Vworrrp Vworrrp’ achievement so that it can now be completed!
Fixed that pesky hammer in the tutorial so it will no longer get stuck off screen!


**LIMITED SALE - Easter Weekend Only!**

You are the surgeon. Bob is the victim. Do your worst!

Take urgent care of the world's unluckiest patient, Bob, with your very own shaky hands. As the would-be surgeon Nigel Burke, perform all kinds of crazy surgeries to try to save his life -- or fail hilariously in the process while poor Bob... Well, dies.

Join the ranks of more than one million players who butchered Bob for the amusement of 250 million people who watched the failed surgeries on YouTube, now from the comfort of your awesome iPhone / iPad, anytime, anywhere. Hospitals don't get any better than this, really.

- 2.5 Million units sold Worldwide!
- BAFTA 2014 Nominee: Strategy and Simulation
- Mobile Entertainment Awards 2014: Best Design
- Develop 2013 Awards Nominee: Best New IP

"Bob! Booooob! Don't die on me, Bob!"
- PewDiePie

"Where's the %$£%$@£ heart?!? It's gone! It's on the floor now, and I don't think the 5 seconds rule apply, dude!"
- RoosterTeeth

"And now, Bossa has added madly swirling eye balls to the mix. Comedy gold."
- The Guardian

"Absurdly stupid fun."
- Wired

"Shhhhh. I Doctor Now."
- Anonymous meme creator. Awesome work, mate! You should have signed it, though...

In this spiffy version of the classic game, you'll find:

- Six Alien Autopsy transplants, featuring organs you’ve never heard of (and will barely be able to pronounce);
- The trusty Heart and Double-Kidney transplants;
- Two new surgeries: Give Bob a smile with Teeth transplant, and a great look with Eyes transplant;
- Feeling lucky? Abandon the Operation Theatre and try your hand on a moving trolley in the hospital corridors;
- Brand-new control system: gone is Nigel's left arm, in are your nimble fingers;
- More than 50 new achievements to unlock and prove you rule;
- Record and upload your botched surgeries anywhere you want (iPad 4 and up only);
- Tons more we won't tell you so we don't spoil the surprise;
- Multiplayer. Show your friends who's the boss. It's a good day to save lives.


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Surgeon Simulator 에 대한 댓글과 평가

이랑 심장 콩팥은 A 인데 눈알은 도저히 C를 못 넘김 (1.3)
2016-10-27 오전 7:03:00 5/5 개발자 DJstim
메뉴에서 카세트 집어서 플레이어에 넣고 플레이 그리고 카세트에 적힌 번호 암호 입력하면 외계인 수술가능.

재밌당ㅋㅋㅋ (1.3)
2016-06-21 오전 9:34:00 4/5 개발자 야우리고
4s의 고질점인 램부족으로 인한 튕김이나 컨텐츠 적은거 빼곤 만족함/ 5 튕기지 않고 렉없어서 좋네요/ 6 컨텐츠 업뎃 만족합니다

팀포트리스 (1.2.1)
2016-01-27 오후 7:13:00 4/5 개발자 바니더보니
헤비 수술 기능만 있으면 완벽할거 같습니다.

원작을 (0)
2016-01-02 오후 2:57:00 5/5 개발자 RealSteam
잘 이식 했네요. 거지같은 pc버전의 컨트롤이 여기까지 완전 재현이 아닌게 다행인듯. 여튼 최적화 잘했으니 별5개

재밌당ㅋㅋㅋ (1.2.1)
2015-02-17 오전 1:09:00 4/5 개발자 야우리고
4s의 고질점인 램부족으로 인한 튕김이나 컨텐츠 적은거 빼곤 만족함

미친게임 (1.1)
2014-12-22 오후 7:54:00 1/5 개발자 3MMMM
조작 어렵고 별로....

밑에분 장애인듯 (1.1)
2014-12-22 오전 9:53:00 4/5 개발자 경품을 원한다
원작 게임도 조작 병맛인건 해본분은 다 아실꺼예요 일부로 조작을 어렵게해놓은 게임인데 조작타령 ㅋㅋㅋ pc판보다 조작 몇십배는 쉽고요 손까락 하나하나 움직이는 거지같은 기능 모두 제거해서 훨씬쉽습니다 별 하나 뺀 이유는 컨텐츠가 많이 부족하네요 뇌수술이나 엠뷸런스모드 나 헤비수술 모드등 추가해줬으면

아니 미친 (1.1)
2014-11-28 오후 6:41:00 1/5 개발자 보리알수수
겜을 이식해 놨으면 터치에 맞게 게임을 바꿔야지 니미 또라이들아 그냥 마우스 쓰던대로 하면 게임 진행이 되냐? 개발자새끼 와서 해봐라 못깨면 게임 환자하고 똑같이 해준다.

it's very interesting game (1.0.5)
2014-05-31 오후 3:42:00 3/5 개발자 knopss
the processes of surgery which realized by production crew demand high level ability of dexterity but when i play it, i was pleased because my dexterity gets better little by little. my grade of this game is 3/5. it caused by lack of variety of surgery. i need more kinds of surgery. ex) brain, hand, other organ..etc if another modes are added, i will appreciate!

넘어려움 (1.0.4)
2014-05-24 오전 3:55:00 3/5 개발자 아잉서엳혀
첫판을 못깨겠네

오지게 어렵네요 (1.0.2)
2014-04-25 오전 9:47:00 4/5 개발자 봉ㅂㅅ
잼날거같아 질럿는데 어렵네요 그것도너무

의사의 수술 (1.0)
2014-03-16 오후 8:52:00 5/5 개발자 doppioooo
의사가 꿈이긴 분은 꼭 해봐야 할 게임입니다. 강추!

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