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Album XS

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By Alejandro Fresno

Unique album software allowing to design all spreads in a single view using grid mode, swapping images between spreads.
Includes a fast and unique algorithm to correctly set images alignment.
Exports to high resolution JPEG and TIFF files with full color management.
You may set background colors or use an image for background, setting hue & saturation. Modify background opacity.
Free design, resize and reposition any layer.
Auto-design whole album.
Any album size, you may also design cover and back-cover.
Resize and move images to crop them by just pressing Cmd or Shift and dragging.
Swap and add images between spreads easily.
Reorder spreads just by dragging.
Precise gap between images.
Images can be overlapped.
Insert images between others.
Margin around images.
Preset margin and gap for the whole album.
Integrated images editor to set levels, contrast and luminosity, shadows and lights, hue & saturation, sharpness.
Rotate images.
Save your own designs as layout.
Almost infinite combinations of layouts, margins and gaps.
True dynamic preview of layouts filled with images and background.
Separate background color for left and right.
Set background opacity, hue & saturation.
Full color management, export to sRGB and Adobe RGB.
3:2 aspect ratio and free design layouts.
Automatic magnetic alignment
Virtual movable center for creating spreads with different layouts for left and right.
Lower images opacity.
Texts, all installed fonts available. Set color and size.
Black & white or sepia images.
Drag images directly from Finder or other applications into the design.
Used images are shown with lower opacity or hidden.
Images are placed automatically into the safe area defined by predefined album sizes, full bleed images remain at border.
20 images on each page, 40 per spread
Includes major labs predefined album sizes.

릴리스 노트

2017-12-16 | Version : 1.1 | 크기 : 30.1 MB

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