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By MICRI Consult (MICRI Consult BVBA)

This app solves a wind triangle by allowing you entering four values out of six (three speeds and three angles) and calculating the remaining two. It then explains how you get these results with a flight computer, by animating it. It rotates the disk, slides it and add marks. It also shows what value to use for each step towards the solution.

Contains "--", "-". "+" and "++" buttons to enter a value. Click them to decrease/increase a value. Keep the mouse pressed to keep decreasing/increasing a value. "--" decreases 5 times faster than "-" and "++" increases 5 times faster than "+".

- Solves any kind of wind triangle problem and explains how to find those results on a flight computer.
- Contains an accurate visualization of a E6B flight computer.
- Animates the different steps towards a solution.
- Click the explain tab to get a short explanation of this app.
- Changes its language to the language settings of your computer. Only for English (Default), French, German, Spanish and Dutch.

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2017-03-30 | Version : 1.0.0 | 크기 : 5.5 MB


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