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By CamBuilt LLC (Cam-Built Programming Plus, Inc.)

Camtinerary for Mac is ideal for viewing the map of your trip on a large screen and using the mouse to use interface elements that are not feasible on iOS.

Camtinerary for Mac's feature list:

* Be free from annoying requests for your email address or a Facebook/Twitter sign in!
* Trips are uploaded anonymously, ensuring your privacy. No login is required and no personal information is collected that you do not volunteer.
* Browse a growing library of itineraries encompassing everything from vacations to a single night out to treasure hunts.
* Upload your own itineraries to share with other Camtinerary users including photos, comments in the notes and web links.
* Search hotels, restaurants, attractions and shopping aggregated from Yelp, TripAdvisor, FourSquare, Expedia, Zomato and Apple Maps.
* Create a detailed itinerary sorted by date and time, automatically displaying driving/walking time shown from place to place.
* Get directions from hotel to restaurant and back or to any other destination.
* See dynamic web photos shown of places for a raw, uncurated view of destinations.
* See Google Street View shown in quick photos of North, South, East and West exposures.
* Add personal photos and website links for each place.
* Search for street address.
* Drop pins manually to create your own places in the itinerary such as a favorite beach or mountain top.
* Create map pins with labels so identification does not require a cross-reference.
* Sort search results by rating or distance from the map's center.
* Perform integrated web searches for more details of places.
* Cut, Copy and Paste places from day to day of your trip.
* Share itineraries or search results in a PDF file via text message or email.
* Enjoy full privacy protection. Data and search history exists only on your device and cannot be traced to you from the cloud.
* Use iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch and soon Apple TV versions.
* Use Twitter integration allows you to read tweets on restaurants, hotels and other hot spots.

릴리스 노트

2017-12-31 | Version : 2.1.5 | 크기 : 6.8 MB
* Updated for Swift 4.
* Fixed crash bugs.
* Cloud Trip list supports double-click to download.

2017-12-31 | Version : 2.1.4 | 크기 : 6.8 MB
• Opening the app no longer automatically opens the last trip, in case of the corruption of a trip that causes a crash when attempting to open the trip.

스크린샷 Mac OSX :

스크린샷 Mac OSX 스크린샷 Mac OSX 스크린샷 Mac OSX


소셜 네트워킹 , 여행

지원 되는 장치 : Mac OS

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By CamBuilt LLC



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