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Complete Anatomy 2018 +Courses

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The world’s best-selling and most complete 3D anatomy models ever, not just an atlas but a sharing platform with unprecedented collaboration and learning tools. Female pelvis & urogenital system now added, with full female model to follow in 2018. Apple Design Award Winner 2016.

Transform your anatomical learning with Complete Anatomy. Explore the most detailed 3D anatomy model ever created, with incredible levels of anatomical accuracy and high fidelity textures. Discover a rich Library of reference content created by subject matter experts. Share your work and collaborate with your classmates and teachers.

*Study how you want*

Complete Anatomy adapts to allow you to study whatever way suits you best.

Download the app for free and register to gain access to Courses store: guided lessons through anatomical topics, created by subject matter experts. Discover the Undergraduate Human Anatomy courses, designed to give you the best understanding of anatomical principles quickly and simply. And all of your Courses are available across all devices, so you can study wherever you are.

Or purchase the Complete Anatomy Upgrade to access the full 3D model for your own exploration. Featuring 12 body systems; structure-specific features including innervation and arterial supply; and fully interactive muscle movement, you can say goodbye to static textbook diagrams and discover the anatomy all over again. Plus with a suite of powerful Tools, and an extensive library of anatomical content included, you have everything you need to pass your exams.

*Share and Collaborate*

Create reference material to share and collaborate with your classmates. Screens allow you to set up the model position with custom edits or record a brief overview of an area complete with voiceover and share it to your study group. Or test your friends’ knowledge by creating a Quiz.

If your lecturer uses Complete Anatomy, you can receive custom course material from them to enhance your study, and break your anatomical learning out of the confines of the lecture hall.

*Download for free*

Experience Complete Anatomy for free by downloading the app today. Create an account to gain access to:

*A free 3-day trial of Upgraded content*
Tools, including Cut; Bone Spurs; Pen; Labels; Textbox; and Image
Screen, Recording, and Quiz creation
Library content for the skeletal and connective tissue systems from 3D4Medical
Ability to purchases Courses (in-app purchases)

*Upgrade for more*

Upgrade to gain access to the full Complete Anatomy experience:

Additional Tools: Sketch, Fracture, Discover, Pain, and Growth;
The full human anatomy model, including:
12 body systems: Skeletal, Connective Tissue, Muscular, Arterial, Venous, Lymphatic, Nervous, Respiratory, Digestive, Endocrine, Urogenital, and Integumentary;
System Layers: Bony Landmarks (parts and surfaces), Muscle Origin and Insertion points;
Physiological features: Muscle Motion, Origin Path tracing for nerves and arteries, Muscle Innervation, and Muscle Arterial Supply;
The full library of 3D4Medical content, featuring all body systems;
Create Groups to share and collaborate on your work.


Apple Design Award winner 2016
Best of App Store (Mac) 2016
Best of App Store (iPad) 2015
Best innovative product (American Chamber of Commerce) 2017
Demonstrated on Apple’s keynote 2015


We love to hear how you’re using the app, and what you’d like to see next in Complete Anatomy. Contact us at

릴리스 노트

2017-12-20 | Version : 3.3 | 크기 : 635.9 MB
Introducing the Female Pelvis model!
With the addition of the female pelvis and urogenital system to Complete Anatomy 2018, the first step towards creating the world’s most accurate and detailed female anatomical model is here.

The female pelvic model is presented as a classically seen prosection, which is familiar to students of anatomy and medical education worldwide. The pelvis prosection offers students a focused, regional view of the female anatomy, allowing them to explore the female reproductive systems, including organs such as the ovaries and uterus, in amazing detail.

Update to Labels functionality
The Labels tool is easier than ever to use! Now, you can tap through labels to show views on the model without revealing their detailed description, leaving more space to investigate structures on the model. Want to see that description? No problem, it’s a simple tap away!

General Bug Fixes and Performance Enhancements
We continue our mission to provide a stable robust platform.

2017-11-07 | Version : 3.2 | 크기 : 566.3 MB
Physical Based Rendering techniques have been applied to ensure the 3D anatomical models appear more realistic than ever.
Based on feedback, we have automated and optimized many of the procedures and functionalities within Content Builder to ensure an improved user experience.

2017-10-04 | Version : 3.1.1 | 크기 : 566.1 MB
Few UI changes
Client-Server communication improved


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