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Flow ai

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By Flow.ai

With Flow.ai designing, deploying and managing conversational AI is a breeze. Flow.ai offers an intuitive drag and drop interface and is powered by state of the art NLP. You can easily build sophisticated bots in multiple languages, across multiple platforms.

Use each platform to its fullest potential with integrated cards, images and video. Expand functionality with cloud code and connect to you backend using webhooks. Manage human takeover within the app. You entire conversational AI pipeline in one app!

- Conversational UI Design using a drag and drop interface
- Powered by state of the art Natural Language Processing.
- Enhance and integrate with Cloud code and Webhooks
- Connect with Messenger, LivePerson or use one the other channels
- Chatbot Assisted Customer Service
- Insights and Analytics

- Create standalone AI assistants like Siri
- Supercharge a customer service workflow with a chatbot
- Build anything imaginable using the Flow.ai JS and iOS SDK

릴리스 노트

2017-10-13 | Version : 1.0.1 | 크기 : 51.6 MB
- Italian language
- Improved speed
- Minor bug fixes

스크린샷 Mac OSX :

스크린샷 Mac OSX 스크린샷 Mac OSX 스크린샷 Mac OSX 스크린샷 Mac OSX 스크린샷 Mac OSX


개발자 도구 , 그래픽 및 디자인

지원 되는 장치 : Mac OS


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