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USD 10.99

FreeSpeech - Build Language and Learn Grammar

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By Avaz, Inc.

*** NOW ONLY $9.99 (REG $19.99) [USD] - LIMITED TIME ONLY ***


FreeSpeech is an app to explore the English language! Drag and rearrange picture tiles, and FreeSpeech will convert them into a perfectly grammatical English sentence. Explore how tenses, sentence forms, parts of speech, and other grammatical properties change the structure of English -- and it's all visual!

FreeSpeech is the perfect app for anyone with an interest in the English language - whether you are
* introducing a young child to the complexities of English grammar, or
* work with kids with language/speech/hearing impairments, or
* are learning English from a second language, or
* love language as much as we do!

FreeSpeech is unique because it's the only app in the world that predicts grammar. You can throw a bunch of picture tiles at it, and the app will automatically figure out a grammatically correct sentence from them.
- It's possible to manipulate words, tenses and structure as if you were manipulating building blocks.
- You can even use a Spanish interface, so you throw Spanish words at it and it creates perfect English sentences!
- The app lets teachers and learners model/recast/contrast various grammar rules pictorially, all the while speaking out correct English.

FreeSpeech is based on solid research, and builds language by:
- EXPANDING: Prompting users with questions to expand their sentences;
- SCAFFOLDING: Intelligently predicting words that they are likely to use;
- CONTRASTING: Visually modeling tense and sentence modifiers;
- RECASTING: Automatically inserting prepositions and articles as needed; and
- ERRORLESS MODELING: Automatically predicting grammar, to assemble a map of pictures into a grammatically correct English sentence.

FreeSpeech is aligned with Core Curriculum language, speaking, and writing comprehension goals. It allows children to create grammatically correct sentences by visually mapping pictures, all the while learning the structure of language. Because FreeSpeech automatically provides the link between ideas and words, children can say anything they want - visually!

FreeSpeech features more than 2,000 symbols from Symbolstix, and is ideally suited to use alongside other AAC, articulation and education apps that use these lovely symbols.

Developed by an interdisciplinary team including SLPs, educators, and researchers with over 100 years of collective experience, FreeSpeech is the most advanced language learning technology currently available. The technology behind FreeSpeech was the subject of a TED talk by its creator Ajit Narayanan which has been viewed more than one million times. The development of FreeSpeech, combining engineering with generative linguistics, earned the team recognition as one of the world's Top 35 Innovators from MIT Technology Review.

"A powerful new app designed to help children of all learning levels and language abilities develop grammatically correct sentences... A welcome addition for anyone with young writers that struggle with arranging sentences or who have a language impairment that makes it frustrating to communicate."
- SmartAppsForKids

"A wonderful tool for Speech Language Pathologists or ESL teachers working with children in grammar and sentence structure."
- Teachers With Apps

Download FreeSpeech and build your child's English language skills today!

Recommended age: 6-18

Recommended Category: Education/Language learning

Please email us at with any comments, questions or suggestions about FreeSpeech.

Visit us at

Symbols used in this app are © 2016 SymbolStix LLC.

릴리스 노트

2016-07-20 | Version : 1.2 | 크기 : 42.6 MB
1. Introducing Sentence box animations - You can see an animated view of how the sentence changes when the tense changes or new words are added or it's converted to a question.
2. Introducing FreeSpeech challenges - You can take up one of the pre-created challenges to create a sentence before the clock runs out!
Or you can create your own sentence and challenge someone else to create it.
3. And yes, this version of FreeSpeech eliminates lots of bugs which had led to the creation of funny, grammatically incorrect sentences.

2016-05-11 | Version : 1.1.7 | 크기 : 39.6 MB
The previous version of this app had an issue with CPU utilization on some computers. This version fixes several efficiency issues and improves performance.

2016-04-01 | Version : 1.1 | 크기 : 39.6 MB


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