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friedEgg Touch

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By friedEgg Limited

Interactive charts. Touch your data...

friedEgg Touch is an interactive charting tool for exploring tables of data. Data columns are assigned to chart dimensions to create a 3D view of the data which can then be filtered to select sets of data for further analysis. Additional steps are added to further refine the analysis, allowing the user to drill down and mine through larger tables of data. Selected data and chart images can be exported to other applications. Automator actions simplify the use of friedEgg Touch within a workflow.

Take data from a simple table and assign the columns to the three dimensions of a chart, plus another with labels for each item. Then explore and analyse it directly in the chart, touching the bars and pie segments to reveal their content. Adjust the scale of each chart dimension, to group data within the bars and further simplify the chart. Drag filters across the chart to select ranges of bars, or select the items individually.

Use the selected data in further analysis steps, applying different data columns to the 3D chart. Enhance the analysis by adjusting the format of the data and the layout of the chart. Use an existing Analysis as a template to investigate other similar tables of data. If similar structured data is analysed is produced on a regular basis, a saved Analysis can be used as a template.

A set of Automator actions help integrate with your workflow. In addition, the analysis can be saved as a package with copy of the original data table, making it easier to share with other users.

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Version : 1.6.2 | 크기 : 5.7 MB
Minor fixes for errors when opening data files
Improved handling of remote help book

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