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By Jonathan Wukitsch

Outside is a weather app that displays the correct weather information right when you need it the most. It uses the location of your Mac to pinpoint the exact weather forecast for your area.

• Support for ALL Macs with macOS 10.11 El Capitan or later - MacBook, MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, iMac, Mac mini, and Mac Pro
• Ultra-fast speed - Outside refreshes its data quickly so that the weather forecast always stays up to date.
• Pinpoint accuracy - Outside is always checking for weather changes. If it finds a weather change, it changes the temperature in the app within seconds.
• Dynamic backgrounds - Outside adjusts its background based on the current conditions for easier visualization of the current weather.
• Projected weather - Outside projects what the conditions will be ahead of time to make sure you're prepared.
• Easy-to-use interface - No more scrolling through multiple pages to see the temperature outside. Outside displays the temperature as soon as you open the app.
• Constant updates - Outside is always being updated. New features are constantly being added!

릴리스 노트

2017-11-07 | Version : 2.0 | 크기 : 37.6 MB
Introducing Outside 2: the biggest update to Outside yet, with over 20 new features, an all-new design, zip code-driven weather data, and additional weather info displayed in a simple, easy-to-use format.


New in Outside 2:

• All-new interface
• You can now click the current temperature to view additional weather data such as visibility, dew point, UV index, and pressure
• Added an option to manually set location via zip code (instead of using Location Services)
• Added an option to not share location via Location Services
• New Location Access prompt (shown when launching Outside for the first time)
• Redesigned Location Error prompt
• Redesigned Network Error prompt
• Redesigned Preferences window
• Redesigned About window
• The window title now reflects your current city
• Updated screenshots/feature graphics on store page
• Fixed a crash that would occur if a setting was changed before location access was granted
• Fixed a crash that would occur when a network connection was lost
• Speed/performance improvements
• Other minor bug fixes

2016-11-23 | Version : 1.1.13 | 크기 : 35.7 MB
New in this update:

If you're using the metric system, Outside now reports wind speed in kilometers per hour instead of meters per second.
Fixed a bug that would cause the "Feels Like" temperature to be misaligned.


카테고리 :
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스크린샷 Mac OSX :

스크린샷 Mac OSX 스크린샷 Mac OSX 스크린샷 Mac OSX 스크린샷 Mac OSX


유틸리티 , 날씨

지원 되는 장치 : Mac OS

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