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The Photo Map

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By Christian Dunn

The map app you've been waiting for! Visualize your entire history of GPS-tagged photos on a world map to look back and remember your adventures. A blue pin on the map is a cluster of memories, while a red pin is a single photograph. Click on the pin to see each photo, and double click a photo to view it in full size.

Also supports:
Export photo GPS and time stamp information, along with file path, as CSV
Load photos from the default OS photo library, or from a folder
Filter pins by image metadata date and time stamps

Icon author is Anshul Dhiman, used with license. URL: License URL:

릴리스 노트

2016-05-30 | Version : 1.0.5 | 크기 : 1.9 MB
-- You can now resize the map so you can change between focusing on the map and focusing on your pictures
-- Select multiple pins with a selecting rectangle by clicking the "Select Points" button with the mouse arrow icon
-- Bug fixes


카테고리 :
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지원 되는 장치 : Mac OS

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