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By Philipp Seeser


Engage your audience! TomatoApp Lets You Get Instant Feedback On Your Presentations!

Sometimes, the hardest part of a presentation is getting feedback.
Have you given any thought to asking for feedback while the presentation is in live?
With TomatoApp your audience can use any device to engage and provide feedback.
The audience can tap on an icon which will instantly appear on your slides.

How it works:
1. Insert your generated Feedback URL or QR-Code on your slide.
2. Your audience can now use any device to open the URL and send instant Feedback to your presentation screen.

릴리스 노트

2016-05-11 | Version : 1.0.1 | 크기 : 3.5 MB

스크린샷 Mac OSX :

스크린샷 Mac OSX 스크린샷 Mac OSX 스크린샷 Mac OSX


교육 , 유틸리티

지원 되는 장치 : Mac OS


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