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WeBlog - The Blogging app for WordPress

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By Jusung Kye

WeBlog is fast, clean and powerful blogging app for WordPress. Blogging with WordPress can be more pleasant work with WeBlog.

### Organize your contents ###

WeBlog provides convenient ways to access and manage all your contents. Those are always at your hand in sync.
- Browse : Posts, pages, comments and posts belong to specific category. Just choose what you want and the contents will appear instantly.
- Category : Easily group related posts together. Create, edit, delete, and change its hierarchy with convenient way.
- Sync : When you make changes such as publishing a post, uploading a media item, they’re kept to date on your server. And vice versa.
- Content List View : Skim through all your contents in a beautiful look. You can also search, filter, and order the contents.
- Comments : Having a discussion with your website’s visitors. And manage, moderate, and reply comments.
- Safari Extension : When you find something on the web you want to blog, just use Safari Extension. It will help you to create a post with selected images or text.

### Write with all-around editor ###

WeBlog is ready for all your preferences. Rich text, Markdown and HTML. Choose whatever you want and just write with it in distraction free environment.
- Rich Editor : From simple to full featured, create your content with powerful rich editor.
- Markdown : Use Markdown for becoming more productive.
- Distraction-Free mode : A distraction-free mode helps you concentrate on what really matters.
- Media Library : Manage all your media items such as images, videos, audios, and documents in one place.

### Post as you want ###

All settings such as status, visibility, date, categories, tags, featured image and any other settings are available for post. And preview your post in your site before it is published.

### Other Features ###

- Multiple Blogs : Manage unlimited your dotcom and self-hosted blogs.
- Media Library : Manage all your media items in one place.
- Filters : With filters you can narrow down your contents according to post type, media type, or comment status.
- Search : Search your posts, pages, comments, and media items with title, status, or content.
- HTML Mode : Write your posts in HTML or edit a post’s HTML.
- Drag and Drop : Found something want to attach? Just drag and drop into your post.

릴리스 노트

2017-09-23 | Version : 1.1 | 크기 : 6.0 MB
## 70% Off limited time offer from $30 ##

We’re very exciting to announce WeBlog v1.1
WeBlog born again. It’s more powerful, clean, and stable than before.
Here is the changes.

[New Features]
- Markdown support : be more productive with Markdown.
- Add Safari Extension :create posts from anywhere.
- Add Guide to help new users get used to WeBlog.
- Preference for library : change sync related settings via this preference.
- Prefrence for sidebar and dock item count in general section.
- Allow to create post and page from WeBlog dock icon by select menu after right click on WeBlog dock icon or dragging media files into WeBlog dock icon.
- Show post count on WeBlog dock icon.

- Allow to edit post directly instead of creating another local draft.
- Remove edit button from toolbar.
- Add a dropdown button next to pane-visibility button on toolbar which helps you to select “Sidebar, Contents List, and Editor only” easily.
- Add a dropdown button next to new post button on toolbar which helps you to create “post, and page” easily.
- Add delete button to toolbar.
- Remove dropdown icon from blog selection menu at the bottom of sidebar.
- Refine filter menu at the top of contents list. You can sort and order your contents more clearly.
- Moved search button from top of contents list to toolbar.
- Add right-margin to count item in sidebar.
- Make full-screen mode shows full-screen instead of full editor view.
- Min/Max width of each panes.
- Store/restore width of each panes.
- Store/restore window size and positions.
- Remove auto scroll-up function in editor.
- Remove shortcuts for sidebar selection.
- Add shortcuts for pane selection.

- An issue that sidebar item is not selected when click over count area.
- An issue that displaying multi-digit item count in sidebar.
- Typing speed gets slowed as type long post.
- If the enter key is pressed inside an empty inner quote element, it stucks on quote block.

- Writing performance of editor.
- Latest edited contents moves to top of contents list.
- Resizing performance of each panes.

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