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Blue Brume

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By Bobaka LLC

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Blue Brume is a fairy tale, a parable about the life of our ancestors.

A touching and slightly scary story told in the book, won’t leave indifferent neither kids nor adults. In symbolic form the reader touches the exciting themes of Love and Death, plunges into the life of ancient people and learns the mystery of a young girl who dared to go against the wishes of her stern father — the leader of a prehistoric tribe.
The combination of the narration and animated illustrations lets a reader experience a kind of a stage play in the form of an interactive book. Blue Brume features:
* A tale, which plunges the reader into the world of ancient people, ice age, spirits and shamans;
* Mysterious atmosphere in the best tradition of fairy tales by Hans Christian Anderson and the Brothers Grimm;
* Colorful illustrations that come to life on the screen of your iPad;
* Amazing characters and spectacular scenery of the ancient world;
* Animations that convey the mysterious atmosphere of fairy tales;
* Narrations in English and Russian languages;
* Each page is full of secrets. The characters and landscapes come alive when you tap them!

The Blue Brume is for everyone who loves beautiful kids apps by Bobaka Publishing. If you like our Papa Penguin or the Pooches games, you should join our club, download the Blue Brume and enjoy the mysterious spirit of ancient folklore.

In 2012, the original tale won the second place at the competition of short stories, organized at the site of the Russian publisher Eksmo.


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By Bobaka LLC



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