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Payris: WishPlace for Dreamers

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Dream big – it matters! Payris is the free app that 100% changes your dreaming and wishing habits – publish what you want to get, no matter whether a product or service, local or global one, and wait for your offer to be completed by the relevant vendor. No need to search. You are to wish and choose how to spend your money. And get rewards for your everyday wishes and big dreams.
The free app to build a new consumption mode worldwide.
Payris is a 3-step and all-fun way to make your dreams come true. Whatever and whenever you publish a Wish at Payris you get the desired product or service. No need to search, no need to compare features or prices, simply write what you want to get, add a picture and wait for the vendor to get in touch with you and complete your Wish.
You invest your time and effort for publishing what you want – cool, thank you, it matters most! So, you get rewarded on each step to your dream: while registering, while completing your Payris profile, while publishing a Wish, while choosing a Vendor, while confirming you are satisfied with the product or service provided.
Get what you want with no effort or time invested. Payris syncs your wishes with market proposition, so every time you come up with a new idea just open the app, publish your Wish, add Tags and enjoy. It’s that easy from now on.

To earn even more, you can also participate in Payris Surveys – answer 1-5 easy questions daily and convert your time and effort into Payris Coins. Check the app for daily Surveys customized to your tastes and get additional bonuses.
Download the app now and let your Dreams come true!
How Payris works:
1. Publish your Wishes (1-10 simultaneously) and get rewards.
2. Participate in Surveys and get additional bonuses.
3. Instantly convert your time and efforts into rewards and bonuses – get it all in Payris app for FREE.
Payris features:
• Earn Coins every time you wish something, just by publishing your Wishes at Payris
• Skip searching for the most relevant offer – tell us what you need, and we will get you the right link to the right Vendor
• Save your time for enjoying life
• Get personalized surveys and offers
• Easily complete your wishes whenever / whatever you want
• View surveys based on themes you’ll love
• Discover wishes of other people worldwide tailored to your unique lifestyle
Payris members save 50% of their time for ordering products and services, and get their rewards daily – join now and win back your life!
Need help? Drop us an email ( and we will reach out as short as possible.


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2019-09-20 | Version : 1.1.1 | 크기 : 25.8 MB
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2019-09-20 | Version : 1.1 | 크기 : 25.8 MB

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