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USD 9.89

Proud winner of a 2015 Electronic Musician Editors’ Choice Award!

Slice and sequence your loops with a matrix of markov-chain connections. Introduce order with the probability based coin-flipping pattern sequencer. Bend time with warp functions for glitches and modulations. Tweak and trigger in real time performance. Get anything between rigid control and random chaos.

• Unique probability-matrix sample slice sequencer
• Classic pattern step-sequencer for absolute control
• Time-warping transfer functions for various effects
• Includes high-quality loops by Richard Devine, Sonic Mayhem, Arovane, Alex Matheu and Sunsine Audio
• Import custom loops from other apps, AudioShare, Pasteboard or using iTunes FileSharing
• Stream audio to other apps in Audiobus or Inter-App Audio
• Synchronize to Inter-App Audio hosts such as Auria or Garageband
• MIDI Clock slave/master to sync with other apps or hardware
• MIDI control for triggers, volume, start/stop, and loading projects
• Supports Audiobus Remote triggers
• Record and export the results as perfectly synchronized loops
• Audiobus state saving

"One of the most innovative and entertaining audio apps you’ll ever encounter" - David Biedny at

"Engrossing, beautiful, wild and a fine addition to the iPad studio" - Computer Music Magazine

"This is already, I think, a must-buy. Going to have fun playing with it. Enjoy!" - Peter Kirn at

"It is utterly brilliant" - John Walden at

Please contact me for questions and feature requests. Do not use reviews for communication, I can't reply there!

USD 9.89

릴리스 노트

2016-11-26 | Version : 1.1 | 크기 : 9.4 MB
• Audiobus Remote triggers
• MIDI Control to trigger sectors or switch between memory slots
• MIDI Clock Slave mode
• Listen to MIDI Machine Control start/stop messages
• New special silent WRP shape to mute sectors or add rests
• Design tweaks for WRP page
• IAA app switcher on iOS8
• New Sync Settings menu page with Follow IAA Host settings
• Allow turning off IAA clock sync for broken hosts
• Include WRP reverse toggle in randomization
• Bugfixes and tweaks

2014-11-15 | Version : 1.0.4 | 크기 : 10.6 MB
• Much improved Inter-App Audio host sync! Now slaves perfectly to DAWs such as Auria or Garageband or any other host that provides fractional beat time information.
• Upstream bug fixes for Audiobus and TheAmazingAudioEngine.
• Improved Audiobus and Inter-App Audio stability on iOS 8.
• Minor tweaks and improvements.
• Increase step counter when step-recording while stopped.

2014-03-30 | Version : 1.0 | 크기 : 9.4 MB
• Automatic micro-fades to avoid clicks (see SND menu)
• Send MIDI clock sync (see MIDI config in PRJ menu)
• Support for Audiobus2 and state saving
• Recording of results, quantized with sample accuracy
• Recordings can be loaded back as a loop, exported to AudioShare, AudioCopied, or opened in other app
• New loops by Richard Devine, Sonic Mayhem, Arovane, and Sunsine Audio
• Share projects by email or send to other apps like Dropbox
• Allow decoupling of tempo and sample playback rate
• Preview selected sector or warp while stopped
• Main volume slider and oscilloscope display
• AudioPaste for importing loops
• Add RND/CLR/CPY/PST buttons for WRP
• Four memory slots also for WRP
• Copy/paste memory slots (long-press)
• Preview samples and recordings
• Toggle to follow IAA host play/stop
• Bundled users guide (see PRJ menu)

• Added more warp shapes
• New design for memory slots, show all simultaneously
• Read BPM from filename to calculate number of beats
• Split the menu into improved PRJ and SND menus
• New demo projects by Kymatica and Sunsine Audio
• Tap the Speed label in the SND menu to reset to original BPM
• Display 'invisible' warp slot probability
• Store currently selected memory slot in project
• Store assigned manual trigger buttons in project
• Fix loading of soundfiles that are not 44.1kHz
• Auto-normalize samples, fixes occasional clipping
• Don't auto-select warp slot when changing probability
• Fix occasional overflow bug in buffer player logic
• Improve level peak metering
• Resample sequencer pattern when changing number of sectors
• Show number next to shapes in warp menu
• Fix “Amenbreak B”, was the same as “Amenbreak” (full length)
• Confirm before new/load project if there are unsaved changes
• Sort by bpm or name in soundfile tables
• Keep current MAP/SEQ/WRP tab open when loading project
• Many other minor tweaks and fixes

스크린샷 iPad :

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