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By Momenta B.V. (Momenta BV)

Introducing Agenda, an elegant new take on notes.

Agenda is a date-focused note taking app for iOS and macOS, which helps you plan and document your projects. With its unique timeline, Agenda gives you a complete picture of past, present and future, driving your projects forward.

Whether you're a business manager noting decisions in a meeting, a teacher planning next week’s lessons, or a blogger brainstorming a post, Agenda is ideal for tracking the evolution of your notes.

It's the only note taking app with a strong emphasis on the passage of time, making it the perfect fit for any project. Use it for personal projects like jotting down recipes you’d like to try, or take on major projects at work, planning your next meeting or checking off your daily tasks.

The notes in Agenda are beautifully styled, and include powerful features like images, file attachments, tags, lists, and links. You can even connect your notes to events in your calendar.

Locating your notes also couldn't be easier, with powerful search, a project jump bar, and related notes list. And when you find what you're looking for, simply click back in the history to where you were.


Agenda’s unique timeline approach to organizing notes gives your projects momentum. While other apps focus specifically on the past, present, or future, Agenda is the only notes app that keeps track of each in a single timeline.

Add notes for what is currently on your agenda, while you prepare other notes for an upcoming meeting. Use older notes as breadcrumbs to remind yourself why you took the actions you did.


You can attach dates to individual notes, and even link them to events in your calendar. But you can also put them “On the Agenda”.

Notes that are On the Agenda are given special status. You can search for them more easily, and they get added to a special overview in the sidebar so you can find them in a flash.


Agenda is a styled-text editor. Styled text is as easy to edit as plain text, but allows meaning to be added, leading to visually stunning documents without breaking a sweat.

Styles include headings, lists, indented blocks, and preformatted text. You focus on the meaning of your notes, and leave Agenda to handle the appearance.

The resulting documents look fantastic, are consistently styled, and can be readily converted to other styled text formats like Markdown and HTML.


Group your projects into categories to make them easier to find, and order the notes for each project however you choose. You can drag them around, apply dates, or use a mixed approach. You can also collapse notes to save space.


Do you sometimes find yourself using your task manager for more than it is intended?

Agenda is a notes app that has excellent support for tasks. It supports different list styles, including checklists, and allows mixing tasks with more extensive notes.


A notes app is not very useful if you can't share what you create. With Agenda, you can print and share notes, even whole projects, in standard formats like PDF, RTF and Markdown. You can also use the Agenda archive format to exchange exact duplicates of your notes with other Agenda users, including any attached files.


Nobody wants data silo-ed on one device, so Agenda has apps for Mac, iPad, and iPhone, and they sync up via your iCloud account.


Agenda is free, with no time limits. You can use it forever, at no cost.

Agenda does offer extra premium features that require an In App Purchase. If you decide to purchase the upgrade, you permanently unlock all current features across all of your Macs and iOS devices.

Even better, any features we add in the 12 months following your purchase are included, and permanently unlocked as well. All yours to keep.

릴리스 노트

2019-02-13 | Version : 5.0 | 크기 : 28.8 MB

- You can choose a custom line spacing in the app settings


- You can now choose extra small text size
- The Move To menu now offers the option of creating a new project
- You can now edit the project title by double clicking at the top of the notes list
- Pressing Esc stops editing a note
- You can now use arrow keys to navigate the whole app with the keyboard
- Now support multi-tag and multi-person search


- Better handling of existing links used in combination with markdown link format
- The projects sidebar now appears when adding a new project if it is collapsed
- Block quotes in exported markdown now include a space rather than a tab
- Better layout of Settings screen
- If you make a saved search from a #due tag, you can opt to have a relative date
- The shortcut to QuickLook an attachment is now Option-click, not CMD-click
- Pressing enter on an empty, indented list item will now outdent
- Pressing enter on an empty un-indented list item will return to body style


- Files exported from Agenda would be locked and difficult to remove. Fixed
- Continuity Camera now works
- Moving notes with attachments between projects preserves the attachments
- https links could sometimes become http. This has been fixed
- Collapse and expansion of notes works much better
- Exporting and sharing of notes with slashes in the title is now properly handled
- Dragging a mail message in now shows the subject, rather than just "Show in Mail..."
- Copy As > Markdown now takes the selected text when there is a selection
- QuickLook is now more reliable. Could sometimes appear with an empty window
- Search bar could sometimes hide that there was any filter. Fixed
- Pressing enter with cursor at the end of a starred line will now behave as expected

2019-02-08 | Version : 4.1 | 크기 : 28.2 MB
- Undo/redo is much faster and more reliable
- Undo/redo restores the text selection as it was
- The app feels faster in general
- Handling of calendars with many events is faster
- Text is now synced before attachments, so it appears faster
- Better clean up of temporary attachment files, which were taking up space
- Safer and more explicit handling of note deletion. Dialog always appears, and there is a new "Delete Note" menu item
- x-callback-url invocations now pass back results via URL parameters (eg note identifier of created note)
- x-callback-url now properly passes errors in all cases, and the messages are more meaningful
- Better layout of sign in controls for Agenda Account

- Undo could make unexpected changes. That should not happen anymore
- Continuity Camera scans now work
- Images in exported PDFs are no longer blurry
- Less freezes during sync
- Even more robust sync
- Copying a note or text with attachments to another project now retains the attachments
- The menu item "Paste and Match Style" now works again
- Copying a file in Finder and pasting in Agenda now adds it as an attachment, instead of just the icon
- When deleting a whole line, the selection is now properly updated afterwards
- Images now appear at full resolution, instead of half resolution on occasion

2018-01-22 | Version : 1.1 | 크기 : 24.2 MB
Performance and stability improvements.


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