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BP Data Explorer

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By Weston Digital City, LLC

BP Data Explorer is a data reader, converter and file exporter utility application for USB and Bluetooth (BT) connected blood pressure monitors.

BP Data Explorer can be used with these devices:
1. USB interface: Omron BP 791IT
2. Bluetooth: Omron BP 653, 654, 761, 786
Only US versions were tested.

BP Data Explorer provides free communication test interface to see if your device is compatible or not. In-App purchase unlocks all features:

1. data reading from devices,
2. assigning users to devices,
3. saving device data to local disk,
4. exporting device data to external files,
5. presenting device data in grid and graph,
6. printing device data,
7. local database with your device and profile data.

Local archive is stored in XML and CSV files for each (A, B) users per devices in a secure sandboxed environment.

Exported file formats:
1. CSV,
2. TXT,
3. HTML,
4. CCR.

CSV and CCR files can be imported by your MS HealthVault accounts. Healthcare systems and 3rd party services all support CSV and a subset of CCR file standards.

Embedded Bluetooth LTE 4.0+ interface is required to detect blood pressure monitor(s) with BT connection. Enable bluetooth on your computer and pair with the device. Give the app permission.

USB 2.0+ interface is required to connect and read data from blood pressure monitors with USB connection.

Check out your computer at Apple menu: ’About this Mac’ -> ‘System Report…’ -> ‘Hardware’ group -> ‘Bluetooth’ and/or ‘USB’ before buying this app, especially if you have an old iMac or MacBook without proper embedded interface. macOS Sierra or later versions are supported.

If you want to add further devices or you are experiencing difficulties in identifying devices, please visit the product web site or drop us an email. If your device is not on the compatibility list, let us know your product name, model number and BT broadcast ID (BLEsmart advertisement) name.


The information, including but not limited to, device data, text, graphics, images contained in this application are for data reading and converting, and data exporting purposes only.

릴리스 노트

2017-11-10 | Version : 2.1 | 크기 : 2.3 MB
- New device(s) added to the compatibility list
- In-App purchase

2017-11-08 | Version : 2.0 | 크기 : 2.3 MB
- High Sierra compatibility
- Enhanced USB and BT device detection
- Free device compability and communication test
- Device and user profile database. Load and export data from database
- In-App purchase

2017-11-07 | Version : 1.1 | 크기 : 1.5 MB
- Updates to macOS Sierra
- Local notification messages for device connection and status information
- Selectable USB and/or Bluetooth device search
- Online user guide
- Bug fixes


카테고리 :
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