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Calendar 366 II

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By Vincent Miethe

The most complete menu bar calendar for events & reminders!

Appointments and reminders, meetings and deadlines, birthdays and dates - make the most of your time with Calendar 366 II!
Anything a calendar can do, Calendar 366 II can do better - and all functions can be adjusted easily and intuitively.

A dentist appointment is not a friend’s wedding - make your date calendar get the difference.
How often and how exactly do you want to be reminded of what’s important?
Create a calendar that matches your preferences and priorities.

Pick your preferences – year or month, week or day, list or agenda, from light red to dark to darkest blue...

Create your dates by natural text input, for example:
"Meeting tomorrow 10:30-12:00, Melrose Ave /work", or "Sauna! next Sunday 3pm -360", or simply "time to read tomorrow" – any way you like it.
Easily find and change events & reminders, repeat them, add attachments*, and create notes without any hassle.

Prefer an icon, time only, date, date & time or even icon, date and time.
No problem. Calendar 366 II is the perfect clock replacement. Design you menu bar as you like!

Sync documents and attachments easily with all devices via iCloud*.
Easily send, accept or decline invitations.
Find a location on the go: simply search, save, and open in Apple or Google maps.
Organise your events & to-dos with Calendar Sets...

Calendar 366 II is fully localized in English, German, Spanish, French, Japanese, Italien, Polish and Chinese (Simplified).

• All events and reminders at a glance
• Calendar Sets
• 8 views, 9 themes
• Easy, intuitive creation, copying and moving of appointments and reminders by drag & drop
• Easily invite attendees and manage invitations
• No pre-requisites setup (All macOS supported calendar services available: iCloud, Google, Exchange, Outlook, CalDAV)
• Resizable (Portrait & Landscape)
• All views optimized for portrait or landscape
• Autostart / AutoOpen
• Hotkey
• Alfred & LaunchBar support
• Shortcuts
• Quick durations
• Time zone support
• English, German, French, Japanese, Polish, Italien, Chinese (Simplified)
• Complex repeating rules
• Week numbers
• Complete reminders with one click

Questions and Contact, @nspektorapps,

*Calendar 366 or Calendar 366 II for macOS & iCloud account required

릴리스 노트

2019-02-13 | Version : 2.5.1 | 크기 : 13.4 MB
*NEW* Custom Colors for events and reminders
*NEW* All dialogs themed
• 15 minutes steps (Week and Day)
• Sync issues fixed
• Time Zone issues fixed (Notifications and Details Dialog)
• Moving reminders fixed
• Memory management and performance improved

--- New in Calendar 366 II v2.5.1 ---
• Bug-fixes

2017-12-27 | Version : 2.0.6 | 크기 : 9.9 MB
- Reminders with date - view issue fixed
- All-day reminders - solid color on month view
- Expired all-day reminders - view issue fixed
- Reminders on day view - text optimized
- New reminders with date - all-day switch fixed
- Week/Month view - font-size optimized
- Rare Week/Day view crash fixed
- Search view optimized
- Datepicker optimized
- Updated french translations
- Minor improvements and bug fixes

If you enjoy using Calendar 366 II, please take a moment to rate it. Thanks for your support!


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