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USD 10.99

Calendar 366 Plus - Menu Bar | Events | Reminders

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By Vincent Miethe

The complete menu bar calendar for events and reminders.

Looking for a seamless way to stay on top of your schedule? Calendar 366 Plus gives you a steady, expandable overview of your calendar, along with simple, one-click access to events and reminders.

You can fine-tune your experience even further with this app's natural language capabilities. Just write an event or reminder for Calendar 366 the same way you'd scribble a note for yourself, and the app will translate "Meeting with John tomorrow 10 AM New York /work" into a customized event or reminder connected to the right date, time, address and calendar- and if you'd like to find a specific address to tie to this meeting or any other event you've planned, all you have to do is click on your destination in the map view to tell the app where it's supposed to be sending you.

Calendar 366 Plus also comes with a customizable display that lets you decide which items show up on your menu bar, along with three interchangeable themes that give you different levels of color and contrast, so you can customize everything to fit your unique needs.

"Calendar 366 | Plus is a Mac power users dream." - Jack D. Miller (
"Respect! Best Calendar App now on Market... 5 Stars" - Comment (
"Awesome replacement." - Comment (Mac App Store)

• Quick menu bar access (hotkey)
• Complete menu bar calendar app
• Sync with OS X' account & calendar settings
• 3 themes: Light / Dark / Darkest
• Natural language support to create events or reminders
• Menu Item Customization (Icon, Date/Time, Icon+Date/Time)
• Swipe support for calendar (next/previous month/year)
• Swipe support for events and reminders (delete, open in "calendar")**
• Detachable window
• Auto-Open window after log-in/wake up for ... seconds
• Localized date format with system settings
• Show or hide calendar weeks
• Quick search for events
• Easily Create, Edit or Delete events
• Easily Create, Edit, Complete or Delete reminders
• Search for locations and add geolocation information to events** and reminders
• Apple Maps support for events** and reminders with geolocation
• Different settings to list forthcoming events
• Switching between Compact and Full View
• Define your own hotkey to open Calendar 366
• Full Dark mode compatible
• Black & white or coloured menu bar icon

Get in touch with us at or @nspektorapps on Twitter

*requires macOS Sierra (10.12)
**requires macOS El Capitan (10.11)

릴리스 노트

2017-01-26 | Version : 1.4.0 | 크기 : 2.8 MB
+ Show completed reminders

- "Out of range" events/reminders while using natural language creation
- Overdue reminders - color improved
- Reminders date - improved
- Open in "maps" for reminders - fixed
- Events ending 0:00 - fixed
- Minor bug fixes

스크린샷 Mac OSX :

스크린샷 Mac OSX 스크린샷 Mac OSX 스크린샷 Mac OSX 스크린샷 Mac OSX 스크린샷 Mac OSX


비지니스 , 생산성

지원 되는 장치 : Mac OS

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