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With HDRtist; you'll get gorgeous detail rich true HDR images that are built & processed by our "Polaris" tone mapping engine, in the highest precision workflow available today, whilst being married to one of the most simplistic Mac app interfaces there is.

Even if you're not interested in HDR (High Dynamic Range) Photography; you can still use HDRtist to increase detail and definition in single photos.

• Uses our 8th Generation tone mapping engine "Polaris" to enhance details.
• 128-Bit Unclamped precision workflow, processes images in the highest precision available today.
• Supports Metal or OpenGL for the smoothest display performance.
• Interface optimization provides a gorgeous high resolution preview area.
• The Window Sidebar and titlebar support Auto Hiding, getting out of the way when not needed.
• Split-View & Side-by-side view for comparing with the original image or medium exposure.
• Use a set of exposures or a single image, it's up to you.
• Ohanaware HDR format, allows you to save your HDR images and edit them later.


릴리스 노트

2020-02-29 | Version : 2.1.1 | 크기 : 13.6 MB
* New options for choosing the rendering hardware, including an automatic option.
* Ability to disable images from the Exposures List.
* Option to compress TIFF images on export.
* File, Open can now be used to select image files as well as HDR documents
* Now accepts HEIC images dropped onto the application icon in the dock.
* Added a "CreatedWithBuild" tag, to help with future changes.
* Failing to open an existing document no longer generates two error messages.
* Fixed a NOE @ HDRDocument.EventexportPrepareMetaData
* Fixed a bug in the Preferences Window, toolbar item is correctly set on window re-open.
* Fixed some issues with image files or HDR files that contain a "/" in the file name.
* Fixed a NOE @ HDRToneMapperPolaris.Eventprocess
* Fixed a NOE @ penXDocumentWindow.penXDocumentWindow.notificationReceived
* Fixed a ISAE @ NX2HDRThreadedGenerator.taskCompleted
* Fixed a couple of minor issues that occurred on macOS 10.15.
* Workaround for an issue with the Save Panel when running under macOS 10.15.1
* Fixed the HDR Exposure function causing corruption on some installations of macOS 10.14.
* Workaround for corruption caused by the Unsharp Mask filter
* Fixed a missing icon in the prefs window on macOS 10.14 that occurred because the system no longer supports low resolution icons included within the macOS.
* Workaround for the exporting code failing on macOS 10.14 systems that have been running for more than 10 days.
* Workaround for a problem whereby the OS atomic saving routines do not clean up correctly on macOS 10.14, which could lead to the inability to save your work.
* Workaround for Softlight filter causing corruption when exporting via the CPU on macOS 10.14 or newer
* Improved some control enable/disable issues.
* Worked around a problem with aligning images from an iPhone 11 Pro Max
* No longer disappears when moved into the background with no windows open on macOS 10.14 or newer
* Export settings are now auto saved correctly
* NOE @ penXdocument.savePenXDocument

2019-12-14 | Version : 2.1 | 크기 : 13.4 MB
• Overhauled color handling to create more natural results.
• Files stored in Apple's Photos now show their icons correctly on macOS 10.14.
• Panoramic images no longer show a very thin tile in the exposures list.
• Replaced part of our HDR generation to better handle larger images.
• Fixed the icon appearing really small in the product about box.
• Now longer errors out when alignment fails
• Added a workaround for the "Add to Photos" sharing option being broken on some versions of the macOS.
• Now notifies you when dragging reduced size previews from Apple's Photos.
• Can now be used as an "External Editor" in Apple's Photos application.
• Progressive JPEG
• Some minor alterations for running under Catalina. Minor bug fixes for macOS Catalina.

Version : 1.3.2 | 크기 : 6.3 MB
Fixed a bug whereby not all internal components were being registered correctly.
No longer warns you when it couldn't open images.

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