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Pikka - Color Picker

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By Ruslan Sayfutdinov

***SALE 80% OFF***
**Only for a limited time**

Pikka - Color Picker is easy to use color picker for Cocoa developers and designers, that works well with multiple screens.

With Color Picker you can pick the exact color from the screen using a color magnifier and it will be copied to the clipboard in preferred color format immediately.

- Color Folders
Pikka - Color Picker gives you an opportunity to share colors between different folders and organize color palettes. Drag & Drop colors between folders. Copy color from the library with a double click.

- Color Picker And Palette Generator
The super fast color schemes generator! Create, save and share perfect palettes in seconds!

- Color Shades
Generate color shades for picked color with one click.

- Formats
Many built-in formats are provided. Just right-click on the folder name and select preferred color format. Pick a color and paste picked color directly into environment you use. Choose from: HEX, RGB, Swift UIColor, Swift NSColor, Objective-C UIColor, Obecjtive-C NSColor, Android XML, Android (A)RGB and much​ more.

Pikka - Color Picker not only looks great but has a cool way of handling sets for projects too. A welcome addition to any developer color-box.

릴리스 노트

2017-05-10 | Version : 1.3.6 | 크기 : 7.5 MB
- Stability improvements

2017-03-18 | Version : 1.3.4 | 크기 : 8.3 MB
- Fixed picker precision issue.
- Context menu on the right side of folders.
- ESC to cancel.
- Stability improvements.

2017-03-03 | Version : 1.3.3 | 크기 : 8.3 MB
**** Fixed context-menu issue. Many thanks to Andrew W. ****
- Stability improvements

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