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By RocketLife, Inc.

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RocketLife Light is a combination of hardware and software that lets you add creative lighting to almost anything.

Tell a story with rich color transitions, sparkles, and natural motion effects. Set up fantastic home, business, and holiday lighting. Make retail displays and animated signs. Enhance your crafts. Create a work of art. Then control it all from your iPhone or iPad.

The RocketLife Light system has three parts:
• LightDesigner software (Mac) — design interactive LED animations on a graphic timeline
• LightBox and LightBoard — LED controller hardware
• LightMobile app (iOS) — control your Light hardware over Bluetooth

We worked hard to make it easy. Simply connect LEDs to your LightBox or LightBoard and choose a preset on your iPad or iPhone. Because we’re makers too, we included tons of advanced options for designers, artists, and people who want to get even more creative. Here’s how it works:

1. Design your layout and lighting effects in RocketLife LightDesigner.
2. Connect LEDs to your Light hardware. (We support a wide variety of addressable LED strips, strings, matrices, and other formats, as well as sensors and other peripherals.)
3. Upload your creations from your computer to the hardware over Bluetooth.

Then use RocketLife LightMobile to select programs on your Light hardware, monitor sensor input, schedule programs to play on special days, and more.

••• TRY IT FREE •••
You can test-drive RocketLife Light Designer on your Mac without any external hardware to create layouts and preview your lighting designs onscreen. Then add the Light hardware and addressable LEDs to see your animations in real life.

Before RocketLife Light, creating this level of interactive visual effects required advanced programming and electronics know-how. Light takes a visual approach, with graphic controls that produce beautiful results fast, and deeply integrated wireless hardware that delivers a whole new level of performance and creativity.

Visit to learn more about the Light system, see project videos, and explore our growing maker community.


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2019-07-03 | Version : 1.1 | 크기 : 7.0 MB
New hibernation feature


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